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Queer New York International Arts Festival–Central Park

Central Park Walking Tour

Our Croatian curator friend, Zvonimir Dobrovic, invited us to participate in the 4th annual New York International Queer Arts Festival. We love Zvonimir and we love New York, so of course we said yes! September 16th, 2015, was a perfect day and we met in Central Park with a group of artists, academics, friends and activists for a special walk in the Park. This Ecosex Walking Tour of Central Park adventure started with Ecosex Orientation. We then invited our audiences to explore 25 Ways to Make love to the Earth and find their “E-spots (ecosexy spot).” We did a special ritual in honor of Candida Royalle who had recently passed. This tour featured a special water toast, Ecosexercises, and climaxed with rubbing Manhattan’s planetary clitoris which was a gorgeous knob on a tree. We heightened awareness about environmental issues along the way. By the end of the walk, everyone on the tour came out as ecosexual. This tour was special. Some favorite artists joined us. Maria Korean Bride added her great energy. It was the last time Fluxus artist and “Cloudsmith,” Geoffrey Hendricks joined us in a performance and he was magnificent as always, giving himself over to the full experience. Plus our tour guide collaborators were two fantastic artists, Tif Robinette and Bruno Isacovic. We’d love to do another Ecosex Walking Tour in Central Park again one day as there is so much more to explore.

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