E.A.R.T.H. Lab SF is a dynamic hotbed of creativity. We build community by creating collaborative, multidisciplinary art projects that re-envision the Earth, all of its beings, and environmental activism with fresh eyes. Our organization expands prevailing notions of environmental art, challenges the mainstream’s binary concepts of gender, sexuality, and race, and incorporates inclusive, diverse, and imaginative possibilities for sustainable living. We champion the adoption of public policies based on scientifically informed environmental practices; our projects promote love, tolerance, sustainability, and peace. We make movies, produce performances, present talks, host symposiums, create images, do pop-ups, and support artists and activists we love.

Much of our work takes place across unceded, ancestral homelands of the Muwekma and Ramaytush Ohlone, Miwok, and Mutsun and Awaswas-speaking peoples on Uypi Tribal land. They are the past, present, and future stewards of this place commonly known as the San Francisco Bay Area. We recognize that colonization is an ongoing cultural, political, and ecological process, and we honor those peoples for whom this land has been a home for thousands of years. Their stewardship has allowed the land to flourish in ways that benefited colonizers past and present. Now, as we enjoy, experience, and fight for the protection of this land, we must affirm the sovereign rights of indigenous communities and the traditional and contemporary evolutions of their culture. 

As colonization is a tool of domination by the heteropatriarchal nation-state, so too is systemic and deeply entrenched racism. Over recent years we have witnessed, endorsed, and championed the growing power of the Black Lives Matter movement and its calls to action. We stand in solidarity with all those working to dismantle white supremacy. We see the struggles of our Black, Indigenous, Latinx and other colleagues, friends, and fellow humans and, in our work, endeavor to create spaces in which racial and other diversity is celebrated. We won't always succeed, and we acknowledge the unearned privilege afforded to us. We commit to working towards a world in which all are free from discrimination, fear, bias, and harm, and where all have equal access to education, a living wage, housing, medical care, visibility, power, healthy food, and beautiful parks to enjoy.

Collage: Ecosexuals Banner