National Queer Arts Festival photo

National Queer Arts Festival–San Francisco

The International Queer Arts Festival Bernal Heights Walking Tour

Leading an ecosexual walking tour in our neighborhood of Bernal Heights during the Queer Arts Festival,  June 21, 2015 was exciting. This was the first time we had scripted our walking tour into an actual performance piece. Joy Brooke Fairfield was our director. Our team assistants were Maria Ramirez and Bronwyn McCleod. Our Pollination Pod functioned as a stage, backstage, dressing room, prop room, and post-show café. Costume design by Sarah Stolar.We led a group of artists, academics, ecologists and activists 360 degrees around our beloved hill. This was the same site where we had married the Sun in 2011 to end the Love Art Lab project. Everyone seemed to have a beautiful walk, and enjoyed the first iteration of our new ecosexual performance outside with the Earth as lover.

Photography by Seth Temple Andrews.

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Sample from Walking Tour Script

WATER VISUALIZATION —(Station #4. Top of Bernal Hill)

Sounds of water?

Beth: We are so lucky to have this beautiful lagoon and the sea to enjoy. We love water! I wrote a poem this morning about water.

Is a sexy little slut

In tumultuous, simultaneous

Continuous love affairs with the sun, the air, the earth, and all its life.

She moves in a cycle with no beginning and no end,

Circulating around the planet, moving energy in her wake.

Tickling over the rocks as rivers and streams

She carves her name into stone cliffs so they will never forget her

She spills out into the sea in mucky silty deltas

Only to be raised up by the powerful pull of her lover the sun,

Turned by fire into steamy vapor

As she cools off, water grabs on tight to tiny particles of dust suspended in the air

In their embrace, clouds form

Water fucks the dirty air, And drops fall

She rushes back down to her lover the Earth

Pounding the forests, Drenching the pavements

Filling the lakes, The animals gulp her up and release her again

The plants suck her down then let her fly back off green leaves as the sun calls.

Water is a sexy little slut

Fearless, secretive and generous.  Unafraid of movement and change.

Slow as stone sometimes in glaciers

She pretends to be a mountain.

Fast and dangerous through river rapids

Relentless in a hard rain,

Endless out at sea, Then becoming-cloud in damp fog banks


The world is not always kind to sexy little sluts

Some try to take advantage of her boundlessness

Some buy and sell her, treating her as a commodity

Some try to hold her in place and control her movement

Some exploit her power to do their work, to make their money.

Water – erotic guardian of us all, show us how to flow fearlessly and ride the cycle of change!


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