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EcoSex and the City: Exploring the Earth as Lover

June 14 -18, 2023

Performance Space New York

EcoSex and the City: Exploring the Earth as Lover

Manhattan, New York

A Co-Created Symposium & Performance Art Happening with Beth Stephens, Annie Sprinkle & Friends 

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Join us for a three-day multi-disciplinary gathering to explore our relationships with the environment and social justice, engage in human/non-human collaboration, critique ideologies and create new sexualities. Let’s examine if our “bodies” end at our skin or are part of something much more complex. This unique gathering includes paradigm-shifting panels, ritual, storytelling, poetry, music, films, ancestors, queer glam, keynote speeches, and creative environmental activist strategies. Experience eco-burlesque, learn about the science, and enjoy soil-idarity, conceptual art, and abundant sensual delights. This happening will be Beth & Annie’s 9th symposium and the first on the East Coast. Mingle with diverse life forms and various communities of artists, scholars, sex workers, queers, fashionistas, plants, spores, water drops, clouds, and more, more, more. If desired, dress in costumes inspired by the Earth, and bring your biome clouds. What happens when we posit the Earth as our lover? We invite you to get your ecosexual gaze on and find out. Everyone is invited.

Photos by Lydia Daniller

Photos by Annie Forrest

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EcoSex and the City program


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