Cyber Wedding to the Brine Shrimp

Cyber Wedding to the Brine Shrimp

Cyber Wedding to the Brine Shrimp 2021. Ewelina Jarosz, Justyna Górowska in collaboration with Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens.

Cyber Wedding to the Brine Shrimp is a hydrofeminist ecosexual performance that took place on September 14th, 2021. Inspired by the ecosexual weddings of Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens, cyber-nympho artist-brides, Ewelina Jarosz and Justyna Górowska have married the brine shrimp. The interspecies ceremony was witnessed by the public in a multi-species documentary movie, enhanced with augmented reality technology. The brides encouraged others to love, honor, and cherish the resilient brine shrimp and learn about the perils they and their ecosystem face. The vows to the brine shrimp of the Great Salt Lake were made on the Rozel Point peninsula near the Spiral Jetty (1970), a land artwork by Robert Smithson. This performance was also an intervention into the history of this iconic work, through which the queer Polish and American artists explored and pursued its ongoing transformation in the times of climate change.  At first, this famous work manifested the masculine energy of its creator and was associated with liberation from the museum-and-gallery context. Next, it was discovered as a post-humanist salty crystalline artwork that “provokes non-anthropocentric configurations of perception”. However, the most recent chapter in the history of Spiral Jetty links its meaning with ecosexuality, hydrofeminism,  and land acknowledgment for Ute, Paiute, Goshute, Shoshone, and Dine peoples’ land.  

This hydrofeminist ecosexual ceremony was the first more-than-human wedding event in the world using augmented reality to create the brine shrimp brides/grooms out of digital air. After downloading Artemia App, every person using an Android smartphone can enjoy being in digital nature and explore the posthuman community in augmented reality. Finally, through this performance, the future-making environmental cultural politics are addressed to reorient the public interest in the Spiral Jetty from the Western art world establishment and ideology to the climate change context. And therefore, bringing and focusing attention on the depleting Great Salt Lake’s biodiversity and multispecies justice in the hydrocene.

Visual documentation of the ceremony.


Justyna Górowska in collaboration with Ewelina Jarosz The Ongoingess of Love in the Time of Mourning, Kreis Galerie, Nürnberg, Germany. May 6th – June 18th 2022. Organized by Cloud Foundation during Blaue Nacht Nürnberg 2022.

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