Wedding to Fire

Wedding to Fire

Our new film, Playing with Fire! will illuminate how the natural environment and the nation’s social fabric are deeply intertwined; what affects one impacts the other. The destructive ecological effects of wildfires reflect not only global warming but also the federal government’s failures to effectively provide care and support where it is needed, and to regulate the fossil fuel industry in order to protect the planet for future generations.

Because of COVID precautions we divided our Fire Wedding into two parts. One was a private ceremony in at the Earthlab Boulder Creek. The other was at the Sagehen Creek Field Station in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. In both places we vowed to  to love, honor and cherish fire as a beloved element, until death brings us closer together forever. We do this to cease fighting fire and instead build better relationships with this element. After our wedding in the Sierras, it rained.

Santa Cruz Mountains, Boulder Creek, CA (Program click here)

Sagehen Creek Field Station: Truckee, CA (Program click here)







Click here to view the Boulder Creek Field Wedding program.








Click here to view the Sagehen Creek Field Station Wedding program.

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