Sexecological Walking tour in the Castro

Sexecological Walking Tour of the Castro

On a warm, sunny January day, we guided 27 people on a SEXECOLOGICAL WALKING TOUR of San Francisco’s famous Castro neighborhood. We began at our art exhibit at Femina Potens Gallery on Market Street (FP produced the tour). We slowly wound our way around several blocks to Dubose Park. On route we shared our past eco-erotic experiences/stories with each other, everyone found their e-spots, sniffed, tasted, and licked nature’s delicious trees, rocks, plants and sensuous abundance. We stopped into a wood furniture shop for a sniff and a poem about the erotic love of nature. There was a cactus vagina dentate, a mistletoe moment, and a tree with a marble clitoris. The tour climaxed on top of a breast like grassy knoll when we all formed a circle and facilitated people’s sacred vows to be lovers with the Earth. A good ecosexually satisfying time was had by all. Photos by Malia Schlaefer and the Love Art Lab.

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