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documenta 14-Ecosex Walking Tour of Kassel

When Paul B. Preciado began the curatorial process to present our work at documenta 14, he asked what we would like to do most, and we both instantly said the Ecosex Walking Tour. Joy Brooke Fairfield had done a great job helping us script the tour and we were excited to share it in Kassel

Using email and social networking, we issued a call for collaborators to perform with us as tour guides; so many wonderful artists responded it was hard to choose. Documenta paid artist fees and supplied nice places to stay. We were scheduled to perform five afternoon tours, June 14–18, 2017. Piedmont Boutique made us flashy new costumes in collaboration with Christina Dinkel.

Joy joined us in Germany to direct the production. We chose a route that would begin between the first and last of the trees that Joseph Beuys planted for documenta 7, called 7,000 Oaks (7,000 Eichen). It was exciting to stand between those trees that were also right at the base of Marta Minujín’s huge Parthenon of Books, a re-creation of the Greek landmark constructed of banned books and the centerpiece of documenta 14.

We were really pleased with our performance team, most of whom we had not met before that day. When we arrived to give our first tour, we were shocked to find around two hundred people awaiting us and a mob of news photographers and journalists. We led our tour group over to the Karlsaue Park, the map of which looks remarkably like a vulva and an anus. Our tour wove through major documenta sculptural works, through water fountains, and down flower-lined stone steps. We shared our ecosexual herstories and invited our audience to share theirs. Our group then assembled at a semi-private spot where Annie led our team in an ecosexercise workout—breathing, undulating, building, and circulating erotic energy—which the audience could follow along with if they wanted. Next, we walked to the park’s trash cans, and our team picked up trash as we opined about pollution. Sitting on a nearby bench were a group of men, refugees from Africa, that wanted to share their thoughts. Then we invited the audience to step up to the mic and share their environmental concerns, which they did, illustrating the seriousness of environmental crises. It’s spontaneous moments like these that make working in public space so exciting. The dramatic high point of our show was at the park’s war memorial, where we gave a rousing antiwar speech flanked by our fabulous tour guide team posing with the protest signs. After a few minutes of silence, we ended the tour, handing everyone a special card for their wallets, stating that they had made love to the Earth and were now officially ecosexuals.

Our generous ecosexy performers were Sarah Bouars, Daniel Cremer aka Gaiaboi, Sura Hurtzberg, Camille Käse aka Jemelen, Mathias Lenz aka Dr. Menta, Kristianne Salcines, Tessa Huging, Kay Yoon, Allegra Bliss, Jean Roux aka Rhizome, Jake Winchester, and Valentina.

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