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Walking Tour Bernal Heights

Performance: Ecosex Walking Tour | April 24, 2022 (Video Documentation click here)

Get off your computer and follow along with a gang of colorful, fun tour guides in this site-specific exploration, embodied experience and performative walk around Holly Park. Your attention will be called to beautiful sights, sumptuous scents, the sounds of nature and tasty treats as you massage the Earth with your feet. The group will develop an ecosexual gaze as it shares environmental concerns and explores possible ways to better love the Earth.

Performed by Beth Stephens, Annie Sprinkle & their Tour Guide Team. Directed by Joy Brooke Fairfield.

This program was sponsored by Friends of the San Francisco Public Library


Jax Blaska

Saul Villegas

Bubble Diva.

Sage Alucero

Aranza Cortéz

Wataya Kyd


Shelly Errington

Alessia Cecchet

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